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The rise and fall of Nikola

When you think about electric cars, the very first thing that comes to mind is Tesla. It has singlehandedly revolutionized the auto industry. The inevitable switch to electric vehicles and huge potential growth of the market is giving rise to many new auto companies.

Sanjar Kairosh
February 15th, 20219 min read

Using Flex-Grow

I used the flow-grow property to align the last item at the end of a flexbox with respect to the preceding flex items.

Sanjar Kairosh
February 15th, 20213 min read

How to use CSS and React to create a star rating

As part of a personal project, I was working on a page where the user could add new posts about beers they tried. And in the form for the new post, I added the option to rate the beer via star rating.

Sanjar Kairosh
December 28th, 20203 min read

The beautiful useEffect React Hook

useEffect is to functional components what componentDidMount , componentDidUpdate , and componentWillUnmount are, combined, to class components. It is a method responsible for all the so-called side effects that occur during the lifecycle of a React component.

Sanjar Kairosh
December 9th, 20203 min read

Using Github Actions with Repository Dispatch Event

If you’ve ever set up a Github Actions workflow on a repository, you will recognize the YAML file that executes steps upon any code you push to the repository.

Sanjar Kairosh
December 6th, 20202 min read

I built my personal website using Gatsby, Strapi, Heroku, Netlify and Github Actions

I built this website using Gatsby for the frontend and Strapi for the content manager. I deployed my Strapi Api to Heroku, while Gatsby frontend was hosted by Netlify. I set up Github actions and dispatch repository for my GitHub repository to automate the build and deployment of the website.

Sanjar Kairosh
December 5th, 202010 min read

React useMemo Hook to optimize your code

React useMemo hook can be utilized to avoid expensive calculations on every render of the component.

Sanjar Kairosh
November 30th, 20203 min read

Why you should own more books than you can read

I used to believe I had a really bad habit of buying and loaning more books than I can read. After reading a BigThink article I realize the value of owning more books than you can read.

Sanjar Kairosh
November 17th, 20202 min read

Use Box Shadows to Bring Your Html Elements To Life

The inherent properties of the box-shadow Css property are explained. Examples of box-shadow use cases are shown.

Sanjar Kairosh
November 15th, 20203 min read

I Used React Context To Enable Dark Mode

I added the dark mode option to my website. In the following article I explain how I used React Context to accomplish that.

Sanjar Kairosh
October 29th, 20205 min read

Footer Stuck To Bottom Of Page With Html, Css

I wanted the footer to always stick to the bottom of the viewport, regardless of the length of the page. I used pure Html and CSS.

Sanjar Kairosh
September 18th, 20203 min read

Custom React Hook To Determine Scroll Direction

I wrote a custom hook to determine the scrolling direction of the user. I used that to hide or show the navigation bar.

Sanjar Kairosh
September 10th, 20203 min read

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